Company: SUPERBLOOM Festival
Country: Germany
City: Munich
Contact: Fruzsina Szép



A two days festival in the heart of Munich set in the breathtaking and historic Olympic Park and Olympic Stadion where music meets art, culture, lifestyle, community, research, education, design and experiences emerge to delight all of the visitors senses. A holistic experience, that’s characterized by modernity without losing the connection to the local traditions. A platform that interacts with the audience all year long by addressing social consciousness, a space to dream, a space to discuss relevant topics, to create, to let ideas bloom and find solutions to make this world a better place. Festivals are a place where people meet in an “analog” way and they are living the moment. We want to create the very best and most unique moments for our audience by offering them artists, speakers, performances, programs that will change their lives, open up their hearts and move their souls.  We advocate a respectful and open interaction with each other and reject any form of racism, sexism and homophobia. Everyone is welcome at the SUPERBLOOM!

SUPERBLOOM Festival – 4. & 5. September 2021 – safe the date!