Launch of Letter of Music Moves Europe Preparatory Action

The recent European Commission event held to launch preparatory action proceedings for a new support programme for the music sector marks a significant milestone for the European music community.

The information provided to music sector stake holders on February 14 in Brussels provided a highly interesting presentation of the aims and intentions of the European Commission to develop a support programme recognising the achievements of the music sector and and the contributions it has made towards European culture and citizenship.

European artists and audiences have benefitted from the advantages the Schengen agreement has provided since its introduction in 1985. It has enhanced growth for all parts of the music sector and became the most vital incentive for young European citizens to discover Europe through music when travelling to festivals or concerts featuring their favourite artists.

However, the music sector has undergone significant challenges and amendments in recent years, which underline the needs and relevance of the intentions of the Music Moves Europe. initiative.

Yourope appreciates the approval by the European Parliament of the plans by the European Commission to launch preparatory action proceedings for such a programme and is ready to commit to supporting the development and deployment of this initiative on a European level.

Being aware that such a commitment demands further efforts, Yourope intends to support this process proactively at all stages throughout the entire preparatory action phase. The live music sector is highly conscious of the benefits and advantages that the European Union has contributed over the years towards the idea of common aims for Europe and its citizens.

While the European Commission progresses with Music Moves Europe, the association declares that ‘Music Motivates Yourope’. Besides being able to mobilize artists as well as audiences, Yourope and its members are highly motivated to jointly provide the initiative of Music Moves Europe with every possible support, committing to agree in common to aim for a peaceful, fruitful and modern future for Europe.

Music Moves Europe

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