Health & Safety – Introduction

The Health & Safety Section of the Yourope website has been set up specifically to support Festivals in the dissemination of good practice and to enable those who have specific issues to be able to utilise proven developments from other festivals in their quest to make events safer. It is hoped that over the next year a coherent, well serviced and interesting section will become a most welcome resource for those working at festivals.

So far only a small number of festivals have contributed to the site but it is hoped that over the next year all of you will have been able to contribute in some way.

This resource will also help to develop the seminars held across Europe in health and safety and major topics for discussion will emerge from the information provided.
If you have information which you would like to be posted on the site please e-mail it to

We look forward to your comments and responses.

YOUROPE Launch Professional Certificate in Event Safety and Security Management

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