YOUROPE initiates fundraising project Festivals For Ukraine. YOUROPE – The European Festival Association invites festivals and their fans to donate. Let’s help war-affected Ukrainian people in these difficult times.

Since the beginning of the war, festivals from the YOUROPE (The European Festival Association) network and the association itself have been supporting the Ukrainian initiative MUSIC SAVES UA. This is a humanitarian aid project in which our friends and colleagues from the Ukrainian festival and live music industry help Ukrainian civilians affected by the war – with relief supplies, evacuations and accommodation.

This winter, too, there is no thought of them pursuing their true calling soon and organizing concerts and festivals. And also young Ukrainians visiting festivals like the rest of Europe is not in sight. Because even though it no longer dominates the top headlines in many parts of Europe at the moment, the terrible war that Russia is waging in Ukraine continues to rage and the help and activities of MUSIC SAVES UA are as important as never before.

THEY COUNT ON US AND ON YOU, TOO! Let’s make sure we don’t forget them, and let’s support them together. Are you with us?

In order to be able to better help those affected by the war, MUSIC SAVES UA has started a cooperation with a medical facility, the Kyiv Rehabilitation Institute. As in many areas of social life in the country, the need is bigger than the available resources. That’s why we support the two organisations in purchasing the following materials:

Both machines cost just under €5,500 each. Wouldn’t it be a great sign if we managed to collect the €11,000 to finance the two devices together?

YOUROPE has set up a fundraising platform on GoFundMe and will take care to collect the funds raised and transfer them without deduction (except the platform’s handling fee) to MUSIC SAVES UA.

PLEASE JOIN US! Every Euro counts and helps…

YOUROPE have designed social media assets (square & post formats) that supporters are very welcome to use. Find them all here on Dropbox.

The assets can be personalized with festival logo. (Optionally in conjunction with or without the YOUROPE and/or Take A Stand logo.)

If you prefer to share it with an own design – please feel free to create it.

To keep track of sharing, it would be great if you could tag YOUROPE in your posts.
For comprehensibility, it would also be excellent if you used the hashtag #FestivalsForUkraine


MUSIC SAVES UA is a non-profit fundraising initiative created by Ukrainian Association of Music Events to provide immediate humanitarian help to those who need it most right now in Ukraine, as well as to support the national musical product as a means of countering hostile propaganda through music. To this date the initiative has raised more than €400,000 collaborations, delivered over 710 Tons of humanitarian goods, more than 44,000 people received help through MUSIC SAVES UA and last, but not least over 20,000 people have been evacuated by them from the hotspots.


YOUROPE e.V. – The European Festival Association was founded in 1998. It has since evolved into the most important association of European popular music festivals. Today, it represents about 120 festivals and associated members from around 30 European countries. The overall aim of the association is to strengthen and improve the European festival scene as a whole, to promote music and arts, and to connect cultures. By doing so, YOUROPE’s members want to inspire their audiences, cooperate with other cultural players, and contribute to the development of European society.