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Are you interested in joining YOUROPE as a member?

YOUROPE’s membership fee for festival members and associated members is €1500 per year. You can reduce the membership fee by €300, if you pay the fee within a certain time period. Companies, institutions and events which are not a festival can join as an associated member. Associated members have access to all information and meetings, but they don’t have voting rights at the General Assembly. Brand-new festivals, which have not taken place yet, can join as associated members as well and will become full members after two editions.

Why should I join YOUROPE?

  • Get in touch with your colleagues from some of the leading festivals in Europe. Talk to them at eye level in the informal yet constructive setting of our network.
  • Benefit from the exchange of experiences and knowledge in our three curated, annual members meetings and networking dinners.
  • Get easy access to the events of other member festivals to learn about their production standards. Adopt them to increase your own festival’s quality.
  • Join various seminars and workshops of our dedicated working groups and the association’s European Festival Conference. Use the special member discounts for these events.
  • Get special discounts for music business events in Europe such as ESNS, Reeperbahn Festival, MaMA Festival and Convention, IFF – International Festival Forum, BIME Pro and more.
  • On top of our standard terms that are free to use for anyone, you will have access to specific terms negotiated with some of the major international artist agencies.
  • Join programmes like ESNS Exchange (formerly ETEP – European Talent Exchange Programme) to book upcoming European artists for your event. YOUROPE is a co-organizer of the programme.
  • Become part of YOUROPE’s publications by bringing in your expertise for the enhancement of the whole festival sector, e. g. in EU-funded projects.

What is needed to become a member?

To build a strong and effective association, it is necessary to check the members who are interested in joining the association. We have to talk about the same issues and work towards the same goals – otherwise you don’t get the right results out of YOUROPE. Take a look at the criteria to see if you are able to become a member of YOUROPE.

Also take a look at YOUROPE’s statutes, stating the association’s purpose and main goals. The statutes have been updated in early 2021 for the association’s registration in Germany, when it moved from Switzerland to Bonn. They are based on the statutes of the initial foundation of YOUROPE in November 1998.

How can I join?

If you want to join YOUROPE as a festival, please fill out the Application Form for Festival Members:

If you don’t represent a festival, but want to become an associated member, please use the Application Form for Associated Members instead:

Any more questions?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us:

+49 (0) 228 20 70 80 5

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