Are you interested in joining YOUROPE as a member?

YOUROPE’s membership fee for festival members and associated members is Euro 1’500.00. There are also ways to lower the membership fee with an amount of Euro 300.00 if you pay the fee within a certain period. The associated members have access to all information and meetings, but they don’t have voting right at the General Assembly.

What are good reasons to join YOUROPE?

  • Get in closer contact with other festivals to communicate with them and exchange information.
  • Join various seminars and workshops of our dedicated working groups or the association’s European Festival Conference and make use of the special member rates for these events.
  • Get special admissions to music business events in Europe such as ESNS, Reeperbahn Festival, MaMa Festival & Convention, IFF – International Festival Forum, BIME Pro et al.)
  • Use our standard terms and conditions for artist contracts.
  • Join interesting programms like ETEP European Talent Exchange Program ( where you can support European talent and even get a benefit by doing it. YOUROPE is a co-organizer of the ETEP program.
  • Increase your festival quality by adopting standards from other member festivals that you easely visit.

Criterias to be become a member of YOUROPE

To build a strong and effective association, it is necessary to check the members who are interested in joining the association. We have to talk about the same problems and work for the same goals – otherwise you don’t get the right results out of Yourope. Have a look at the Criterias if you are able to become a member of YOUROPE.

YOUROPE Statutes

Have a look at the statutes of YOUROPE stating the associations pupose and main goals. The statutes have been updated in early 2021 for the association’s registration in Germany. They are based on the statutes of the initial foundation of YOUROPE in November 1998.

Please fill out the ‘Member Formular’ and send it back to our office:

The European Festival Association
Auguststr. 18
53229 Bonn

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:
Phone +49 228 20 70 80 5, E-mail