Since the beginning, our association has been working on projects and tools to enhance the quality of festivals on an international level. This YOUROPE Hub is a collection of knowledge, best-practice examples and tools for those interested in organizing popular music festivals. The YOUROPE Hub is initiated as a part of our 3F – Future-Fit Festivals project and will constantly be updated with tools, case studies, publications, etc. recommended by our working groups, the project team or the association’s management.

You can navigate this library through the filter framework of focus topics and categories. “Best practice” includes case studies of projects and festivals that are exceptional in some way and can serve as a role model. “Publication” comprises guides, handbooks, reports, scientific documents etc. “Tools” shows online resources that are more interactive than PDFs. “Article” is for news and announcements.

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Report: EFC#5, Croatia

The 5th edition of YOUROPE’s European Festival Conference (EFC) discussed topics from ticketing, booking and marketing to mental health and climate change adaptation. Read the full report here.

Call to Action – Over 1,000 Signatories Back Global Call to Embed Culture into Climate Policy at COP 28

As we embark on COP 28, leading voices from cultural heritage, the arts, and creative sectors have united behind a campaign to ask the UN Climate Change Convention to put culture at the heart of...

AGF report: New Insight into Festival Carbon Footprint

A Greener Future published a report challenging what we know about the festival carbon footprint. Food and drink might play a bigger role than is generally assumed.

European Green Festival Roadmap 2030

YOUROPE’s Green Festival Roadmap 2030 aims to give European festivals and events a reliable guide for sustainable actions, including lots of measures in seven areas.

Report: GO Group Workshop 2023

Find out what 2023’s GO Group workshop can teach you about running your festival greener and smarter in this report.

YOUROPE Standard Terms

YOUROPE’s Standard Terms, aimed at festivals that book international artists for live performances, is a public document free to use for anyone provided it remains unchanged.

FMA’s guide towards circular festivals

To help festivals with waste management and achieving zero waste, the Spanish Asociación de Festivales de Música (FMA) has published a guide to circular festivals.

Guide: Access Starts Online

To help venues and festivals provide proper access information on their websites, the charity “attitude is everything” published a guide and a template. Available in 17 languages.

List of Festival Sustainability Reports

Are you interested in what other festivals are doing in terms of sustainability? Check out this list of publicly available sustainability and environmental impact reports.

Green Touring Guide

The Green Touring Guide is a DIY guide to help you tour in a more environmentally conscious way. Available in German and English.

Leitfaden nachhaltige Events Kanton Wallis

Der Schweizer Kanton Wallis hat für die vielen Events, die in der Region stattfinden, einen Leitfaden zu nachhaltigeren Veranstaltungen veröffentlicht.

Leitfaden des Umweltbundesministeriums zu nachhaltigen Events

Das deutsche Bundesministerium für Umwelt hat seinen “Leitfaden für die nachhaltige Organisation von Veranstaltungen” mehrfach aktualisiert. Er richtet sich an Veranstaltende verschiedener Bereiche, z. B. Politik, Sport und Kultur.