Social Innovation: Innovations Village @We Love Green

We Love Green isn’t just one of the most popular festivals in France, it’s also one of the greenest. Part of its carefully designed sustainability strategy is communicating their green message to their visitors. That’s why they organize the Innovations Village in the center of the festival – a hub for innovative companies and NGOs from the social economy. They offer workshops and activities to communicate sustainability and to engage the festival-goers. Read the whole story below.

This story is part of the EU-funded project FUSION – Festivals as Social Innovation Incubators. In FUSION, experts on festivals and youth work have joined forces to create a tailored suite of resources, so that festivals can realize their potential as platforms for social innovation. These include a good-practice guide with social innovation projects at European festivals, a how-to toolbox for developing projects specifically for festivals, and alliances between festivals and social innovation organizations. FUSION will enable young people/organizations to use festivals as a steppingstone to implement their own ideas, products and technologies for the benefit of society.