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8 Festival

Lithuania / June 16-18, 2023








Festival Type

Open-air, Indoor, City-festival




Lukiškės Prison 2.0, Lukiškių skg. 6, LT-01118, Vilnius; a century old former prison, globally best known as Netflix’s Stranger Things’ shooting location






Now this is a real festival and a signature line up.

No fillers. No small print.

No bullshit.

A venue says a lot about a festival. We will never forget how we got here. That is also what #mybloodyfestival is all about. Don’t hide the madness. Escape from tomorrow.
Be there, grow free, or have a damn good alibi.

Every moment matters to us – that’s why we have carefully selected the names who carry the flag of today’s music. From post punk to soft indie music heroes, from electronic legends to experimental music icons. Every name represents modernity and leads this generation.

The identity of the 8 Festival is reflected in its programming choices, limited capacity, brand reputation, city that is almost 700 years young, and #mybloodyfestival hashtag. It’s in 8 Days Week’s DNA to seek out rising talents and the best new music out there.

Lukiškės Prison complex was constructed in 1905. Since then, it had served as the biggest and most modern prison in the Russian Empire. It was finally closed in 2019. The notorious prison in the center of Vilnius, inhabited by more than 350 artists. Lukiškės Prison 2.0 already became the facilitator of live music, modern art, design, and culture.

It is not just a new or better version of the prison.

It’s a lot more.

Genre & Program

All the music at this festival is important – icons of today and artists of tomorrow. That is also what #mybloodyfestival is all about.

8 Festival brings together the love for music, arts, talks, partying and rock’n’roll. #mybloodyfestival is a forward-thinking exploration of music and culture. It will offer a unique and powerful experience to connect with fans. 8 Days A Week showcases the spirit of what is happening in music each year with all the names you expect and those you haven’t even dreamed of.

#mybloodyfestival experience is about an international and carefully curated programme, outstanding art installations, top quality food, sustainability and the historical festival area at a century-old former prison in Vilnius.

Program References

Alex Cameron, Balthazar, Battles, Billy Nomates, Black Country, New Road, Black Midi, Genesis Owusu, Gilla Band, Moderat, Sleaford Mods, Viagra Boys, Yves Tumor & Its Band, Moderat, Viagra Boys, Sleaford Mods, black midi, Balthazar, Battles, Billy Nomates, Black Country, New Road, Yves Tumor, Gilla Band, Genesis Owusu, Alex Cameron

Photos by Rytis Seskaitis and Mantas Repecka

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