Romania / July 26-28, 2024


Born in 2006, ARTmania Festival is one of the pioneers of Romanian music festivals. A major rock event in Transylvania, ARTmania showcases a unique combination of quality music & cultural events, held in the spectacular city center of Sibiu. Since 2006, ARTmania has established itself as the main regional promoter of contemporary music projects. Music is the core component, but it is only a part of the experience that ARTmania Festival wanted to offer to art lovers from Romania and abroad. From the very beginning, ARTmania was conceived as a cultural platform to offer the public various events and ways to experience different forms of artistic expression, such as concerts, exhibitions, book launches and film screenings.

As the longest-running rock festival in Romania and one of the brands with the longest tradition in the regional cultural scene, ARTmania has shaped its own identity through a bold concept and a special environment: the Great Square of one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in Eastern Europe.

ARTmania is constantly exploring new directions, building on the experience of previous editions, where many important artists have performed.

Genre & Program

Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Doom Metal, Symphonic Rock, Alternative, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal

Program References

Steven Wilson, Peter Hammill, Serj Tankian, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Die Toten Hosen, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Apocalyptica, HIM, The Gathering, The Sisters of Mercy, Anathema, Lacuna Coil, Helloween, Lacrimosa, Poets of the Fall, Deine Lakaien, Dream Theater, Leprous, Haken, Tarja, Pain of Salvation, Haggard, Edguy, Epica, Wardruna, Mogwai

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