Greece / August 2, 2024


AthensRocks was conceived by the desire to create the greatest rock music festival in the region, and it was originated by the team behind the most successful shows in Greece during the last two decades.

It is a festival dedicated to high-quality music and performances, empowered by unique festive experiences, aiming to bring together people from all around the world and unite them under the love of music.

The festival takes place in the center of Athens, a place of cultural significance, the capital of Greece and also the heart of its powerful ancient civilization. It is a unique destination with musical heritage, as well as a vibrant live music scene.

Its launch in 2019 hosted the farewell show of Slayer in Greece and took place in the Olympic Basketball Arena of Athens. After the great success of its summer edition, offering an unforgettable concert experience to thousands of fans, AthensRocks introduced its winter edition, with the goal to establish the biggest indoor music festival in Greece.

Genre & Program

Rock, Metal, Indie

Program References

Slayer, Helloween, The National, Idles, My Dying Bride, Rotting Christ, Leprous, Suicidal Angels

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