Aerial night view of a vibrant music festival with colorful lights, large tents, and a bustling crowd, set near a body of water with a backdrop of hills.

Boom Festival

Portugal / July 17-24, 2025








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Boomland, Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal






Boom Festival is a biennial, multidisciplinary and intercultural event of psychedelic culture, with focus on sustainability. It takes place on the shores of the astonishing Idanha-a-Nova lake, in the interior of Portugal. Created in 1997, Boom festival has since grown to become a reference event of alternative culture worldwide.

Spread across 180 hectares, you can find 21 stages filled with music, performances, dance, art, talks, workshops, yoga, meditation, and a wide program for well-being and other spiritual practices to relax and enjoy the community spirit throughout the 8 days of the festival. The festival relies on the continuous sense of togetherness, no judgement, no VIP policy – everyone is a part of a vibrant community that in 2023 had people from 169 countries.

Boom promotes sustainable development and ecological consciousness as a top priority before, during and after the event. The festival venue is also a farm where the organisation does regenerative work, applying several green technologies and initiatives inspired by the principles of permaculture design. Also, apart from being a staunch advocate of music, arts and sustainability, Boom is simultaneously working on several social and natural conservation development projects.

Boom Festival has been honoured with several international sustainability awards since 2008, for example the Green Operations Award of the European Festival Awards.

Boom is about oneness, music, peace, arts, environment, culture, and love. It is about transformation, about regeneration, it is about living in a better world.

Genre & Program

Psychedelic music and arts; Alternative Electronic; yoga; World Music; street performances; sculpture and big art; conferences & talks; environment & permaculture; sustainability program

Program References

Boom is not a headliner festival, it is based on an immersive multidisciplinary program.

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