A crowded outdoor concert at night with a brightly lit stage and numerous spectators under a dark sky.

Happiness Festival

Germany / July 11 – 13, 2024





Straubenhardt near Karlsruhe



Festival Type





Fields outside Straubenhardt






The Happiness Festival was founded in Straubenhardt as a small one-day event for about 300 people of the municipality and region. It was traditionally set up by the local youth club, and the organisation was passed on from generation to generation. Benjamin Stieler was the youth club’s head of the board in 2004 and hence organized the Happiness Festival in that year for the first time.

During the initial years, it was never the intention to create a festival with a capacity of today’s scope, but over the years, the great ambition of the organizing team finally took over. This led to a two-days event; the number of visitors increased strongly, and a separate Happiness Festival association was founded.

With an international bouquet of successful bands, it is now the largest open-air festival within the region of Pforzheim. But as essential as the bands are for a festival, it is very important for the organizers to have a great surrounding as well.

One of the main characteristics of Happiness Festival is that the atmosphere is still very relaxed and special. The cool location on a huge meadow is surrounded by trees decorated with bamboo mats, hammocks and relaxing lights. You can either choose to enjoy the beautiful sunset with a yummy cocktail and watch the show from the cosy chill out lounge on a little hill. Or you choose to head-bang and enjoy the bands right in front of the stage. The camping areas are right next to the Festival site, so you can easily walk there.

Genre & Program

Rock and Hip-Hop

Program References

Marteria, The Hives, Alligatoah, Sum 41, Gentleman, Anti-Flag, Samy Deluxe, Callejon, Frittenbude, Die Orsons, Madsen, Jennifer Rostock, Blumentopf, H-Blockx, Donots, Irie Révoltés, Prinz Pi

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