HOTS (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes) is the music export initiative for emerging Hungarian musicians, managers and the representatives of all possible music sectors from Hungary. On a yearly scale, HOTS – which is amplified by the Hungarian Cultural Fund (aka NKA) – supports approx. 125 Hungarian artists to tour in more than 50 countries with an amount of 400.000 EUR. As a member of EMEE, HOTS is also involved in the Music Moves Europe preparatory actions, dedicated for educational projects: HOTS proudly supports Budapest Showcase Hub – a regional showcase & conference event that unites the Central-Eastern-market -, Event Production Forum East – a conference for the background sectors of the music industry, to educate the local professionals to meet the Western standards – and Outbreakers Lab, a mentor & art camp where international mentors having personal trainings for songwriters and managers.

Since 2017, the year of foundation for HOTS, our initiative supported 70+ professional delegates to represent their will on international conferences and workshops, more than 100+ acts to appear at various events and markets for further plans with PR-activities and tours, held 2 international conferences, and we’re still working on the integration of our market to all possible sectors. With the success stories of Ivan & the Parazol – they’ve had the anthem of SXSW, had a feature by the singer of Crystal Fighters and recording their new album in LA -, Belau – one of their singles has been aired in 32 countries for a Pepsi advertisement -, Middlemist Red – a previous ETEP-act who tours the Dutch and German market frequently – or acts as Bohemian Betyars – they’ve made it to the cover of Korean Times -, we do believe that the young and emerging Hungarian acts might deserve the attention of the global market, and we do our best to train and educate the background sectors to increase their awareness and competitiveness.

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