A large outdoor music festival audience at dusk with a brightly lit stage and dramatic cloudy sky overhead.

Øya Festivalen

Norway / August 6 - 10, 2024


The festival is held in the Medieval Park in Oslo, a beautiful spot surrounded by white sandy beaches, the Oslo Fjord to the south, the green Ekeberg Hill to the east, and Oslo skyline to the west. On the premises we find, among other things, the ruins of the Maria Church, the seat of the Bishop of Oslo, dating back to the 11th century. The Medieval Park is also the place where the capital of Norway was founded a thousand years ago.

From the Øya Festival, it’s only a short walk down to the city centre of Oslo, which creates an exciting rendezvous between nature and culture. Audience and artists are presented with a festival area of trees, green grass and water, accompanied by stages, shopping streets and small shops serving drink and food (prepared – in fact! – by the best young chefs of Oslo).

The Eastside, where the Medieval Park is located, is beyond doubt where the action is when it comes to music, and the area is also the nation’s primary cultural melting pot. In the years to come, several hundred million Norwegian “kroner”, both state and private, will be invested here, for the development of new housing areas, and the new Opera House, which is the Medieval Park’s closest neighbour in the Harbor area.

Genre & Program

Rock, Electronica, Hip hop, Metal, Pop, Noise and everything in between. We put an extra effort in presenting the best of what’s new mixed with historically important acts.

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