A large outdoor music concert with a dense crowd of attendees facing a stage with bright lights and large screens on either side.

Rocco del Schlacko

Germany / August 8 - 10, 2024








Festival Type





“Sauwasen” in Herchenbach


17,000 per day


Since the beginning in 1999, the festival has developed into a quality event for live rock music. Once started as a local festival, Rocco del Schlacko is meanwhile an essential part of the German live music business. Rocco del Schlacko grew so much that the festival had to move twice, until the suitable capacity for about 17,000 festival goers and campers a day could be provided. The green location “Sauwasen”, once meant to be the range land for pig farmers, is surrounded by tall, shady trees, which gives the festival an idyllic ambiance.

Despite the success of the past editions, Rocco del Schlacko sticks to its intention to be a familiar, relaxed and not over-crowded festival with short walking distances, fair prices and definitely the best view of the stage. The international music program with its focus on alternative rock ranges from electronic to reggae and also to hip-hop acts.

Because of the geographic position close to France and Luxembourg, Rocco del Schlacko is visited by a multinational audience. Summarized, for many visitors Rocco del Schlacko is an option equal to major festivals with advantages regarding festival flair and environmental aspects, but still a top-class and up-to-date line-up.

Genre & Program

Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Reggae

Program References

Billy Talent, Rise Against, Casper, Alligatoah, Heaven Shall Burn, SDP, Madsen, Pennywise, Anti-Flag, Antilopen Gang, Irie Revolté, Faber, Adam Angst, Emil Bulls, The Amity Affliction, Von Wegen Lisbeth, Zugezogen Maskulin, Evil Jared & Q-Ball, July Talk, Gurr, BRKN and many more 

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