A large crowd at the Italia Wave Love Festival concert with stage lights, banners showing the event name, and a live band performing at night.


Italy / tba., 2024








Festival Type

Indoor, City-festival




Clubs and venues in the old town of Arezzo


Italy proposes itself with Sudwave – South European Music Network as a gateway to the new talents of Southern Europe. Sudwave inherits the tradition and experience of Arezzo Wave Love Festival (1986 -2017) and dedicates a special attention to the talents of Southern Europe, but is open to music and operators from the entire world.

Sudwave is a showcase festival that presents the most important people of the international music industry together with workshops, meetings, film screenings, talks, speed meetings, games and of course music in clubs and venues in the old town of Arezzo.

Like MaMA in Paris, ILMC in London, MIL in Lisbon, Eurosonic in the Netherlands or Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Arezzo Wave presents a showcase festival and is the place where the art and culture of Southern Europe meet. Professionals and the best new bands from Italy, France, Spain, Greece and Portugal will be the key players.

Arezzo Wave Italia Foundation (FAWI) is the creator and coordinator of this project, together with partners from the above-mentioned countries. Arezzo Wave is a member of YOUROPE (European Festival Association) and ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) that works to facilitate the circulation of music talents within Europe.

The best new talents from Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and Italy

Sudwave’s main aim is to facilitate the circulation of music, artists and productions through Southern Europe and meet professionals of the music industry and media to promote acts and their repertoire within the Southern countries. But still, Sudwave is open to the entire world and will invite professionals from the UK, Canada and the United States.

After several meetings in Spain, France and Portugal we have found friends and partners like festivals and artists. Our aim is to create an annual event in Italy, bringing together the best acts of these five countries and invite professionals, media and music business to assist the showcases and therefore foster their promotion and circulation abroad.

5 days with panels and speed meetings during the day and gigs during the evening in different venues in town presenting acts of each country for a total of 50 showcases.

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