The Competence Network



The Competence Network unites and combines different European institutions and experts as well as skills and competencies to offer over all consulting in the live music and festival business. From health and safety and event production to sustainablility issues or event communication, The Competence Network delivers top knowledge and experts in the various fields. The Competence Network includes practitioners, scientists and service providers with decades of experience and institutions like f.e. IBIT GmbH (International event security training center), Green Music Initiative, Sounds For Nature Foundation and Bonn Promotion Dept.

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{"adress":"18, Auguststra\u00dfe, Beuel-Ost, Bonn-Beuel, Bonn, North Rhine-Westphalia, 53229, Germany","settings":{"show":"1"},"location":"50.7425112,7.1279891,10"}