Mission Statement

Who are we?

We are European festival promoters, bringing culture, music, art and design to millions of young
people every year. Our events are a peaceful and joyful gettogether of many different people in a
limited space over a limited time. Together with our audience, we are a community through our
passion for music, culture and through our love for festivals.

What does the European festival scene stand for?

We want to be ambassadors of the European idea. We want to be an example of the togetherness
of different people from different countries, no matter what gender, race, religion, sexual orientation
or origin.
We stand for acceptance and cultural diversity.
Our business involves social responsibilityour aim is to be fair.
We stand for a high awareness in sustainability: ecologically, socially and economically.
We want our ideas of a peaceful cultural diversity to influence the future generation.
Through our partners, we want to spread our message into politics and make an impact in a positive

How can we achieve our goals?

We connect people through culture. We are bound through the collective thought of a common goal.
We want to exchange, educate, learn from each other and spread the message.

For whom do we do it?

For future generations.
For the future of Europe.
For a strong community not only in the festival sector, but all over Europe.

Take a Stand

YOUROPE created this mission statement in December 2015 and published it at the beginning of 2016. It was also the beginning of something much bigger: the movement Take a Stand. It encourages festivals − and basically everybody else – to motivate people to participate in politics and social activities, to speak up for peaceful dialogue, humanism, tolerance and mutual understanding, to make the world a better place for everyone.